Tuesday, December 2, 2008

vamp up

i can't wait for this movie to come out
fans of step up and twilight will go nuts for this flick
Abram (Stephen Winston) is upset when his brother doesn't return from a Dance Off in the big city. After weeks of searching for him at various Dance competitions he starts putting stories together about a Crew called the "Heart B eats." They are number 1 in the dance circuit and rumours of them beating other Crews so badly they never show their faces again interest Abram into finding any defeated Crews. When he begins to think his search is in vain he stumbles upon a dark secret, that the "Heart B eats" are actually a Crew of vampires. He puts together a Crew of family members of the dancers murdered and they battle their way to the top of the Circuit to compete in one final battle!

i like twilight but i don't like real life monsters

i saw a real life monster yesterday while riding the 20 to the beach
a face attacked by herpes
offering the father across from him to "let your kid sit on my dick"
he coughed up phlem and when the door wouldn't open up for him he just spit on the floor
the bus driver seemed to not notice but i think he was fearful for our lives
i know i was
and i knew immediately that i did not want this guy existing in my world
i hope he died today