Tuesday, August 7, 2007

you really walk for 48 hours

last night and into this morning
i dreamt and continued reminding myself in other dreams
of future earth
a two day theme park event
there's a huge room where the orientation goes on and then you
trek across all the continents and witness where they are headed
the first and most beautiful thing was the morning of the first sunrise
chemicals and what not had changed the sun into a bright purple ball
making daytime look like a night club
and water was solid black....look at the ocean, a lake, even a pool and it looked like a bottomless pit

Sunday, August 5, 2007

a is a fist

sometimes when i'm riding the train i like to act like i'm deaf...
but when i say act...i'm a little more serious then not talking...i've read the books..i've gotten some phrases down....i fake the deaf voice and say "sorry i'm deaf" really loud
i've also started buying those dollar "learn to sign" cards off the homeless liars who fake deafness half as good as i....
they'll try to sell it to you....and then if you refuse you can usually catch them "motherfuckering" you under their breath
and it's not that i'm antisocial....all the time...i'm just situationally antisocial....and if you ride the train daily you quickly realize that somehow you must disassociate yourself from 98percent of these folks
but today...i was called out
well actually signed out
you see a lady saw that i was reading the recent harry potter as she sat down beside me....
immediately she started talking about how the last one was much more superior and all kinds of shit i don't care about
*when acting deaf though you never look up right away
so i let her ramble for a few minutes...and when i'm flipping the page i look up and look at her lips and yell...."sorry i'm deaf" while motioning the cut throat point to my ears
then like the average moron she apologizes profusely and way too loudly.
but then this cute dirty blonde haired girl with a full sleeve tattoo looks at me and signs something really quick
the only words i get out of it are "you are"
and i sign "sorry, what?"
and she starts spelling out...a liar, but she's smiling and obviously not offended..maybe just curious?
and suddenly i'm very curious too
i sign "good job" and then begin the tedious spelling out of paragraphs about my temporary train deafness
she smiles alot...but does little laughing....which i've read is taught to the hearing impaired from a young age , not to make too much noise because it scares the hearing world...which i find fucked up
i mean some people have horrible voices..and laughs to match them anyways
and she teaches me a few good phrases for the next time i'm called out..like "fuck you, mind your own business"
which i say to her repeatedly when she starts asking me about my job and stuff...and it's all in fun and she gets it
and then i get something before my stop
and that's the cute deaf girl's blackberry digits

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


there is a super power i wish for on the daily basis
the power of turning into any person...just long enough to be equal enough with them to punch them in their face