Saturday, July 28, 2007

good thing i know some things about asl

there is a custodian where i work..his name is donald...but i only know that because of his name tag.....he told me..but he seriously sounds like a man with marbles in his mouth
a constant drunk
but i'm not sure he drinks
he likes to talk and he kind of reminds me of what my dad might've been like if i ever knew him from a distance
donald was out for a week
turns out he was in icu for his blood pressure
deciphering mostly what i could read from his lips he can no longer eat mixed meats
mixed meats include but are not limited to....
hot dogs
pimento loaf

"now what the fuck am i supposed to eat? i might as well have died in the hospital"
direct quote from the lips of donald

Thursday, July 26, 2007

i heard everytime she farts she poops a little bit

my newest late night adventure has been 24 hour gym
there are many rad aspects to 24 hour gym
-they have cable
-i can grunt loudly because there is usually no one else around
-there's a constant spookiness of "is someone outside the door looking in?"
-it's a mere 3 minute skateboard trip
-i can wake up from wack dreams and head on over there
-i can shower and fantasize of late night romances that have yet to occur

last night my favorite gregg araki movie "nowhere" came on ..and i burned way too many late night calories watching it
because of the combination movie/workout some crazy all night dreams ensued.... involving dirty ladies underwear and halloween costume lines with t.s. elliott quotes